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Our courses are designed to fit perfectly into the busy lives of practitioners who want to stay current on the latest changes and updates in the diagnosis and management of pulmonary conditions such as COPD and asthma.

Overview and Definition of COPD + COPD: Classification and Groups based on GOLD Report

  • COPD
  • 1.5 Credit Hours

This module will allow healthcare professionals to learn how COPD is defined and assessed.

Recognize Subtle Symptoms of COPD

  • COPD
  • 1.15 Credit Hours

This module immerses you in the most common and effective ways that practicing Healthcare Professionals identify COPD.

What Non-Pharmacological Therapies Improve Outcomes in COPD?

  • COPD
  • 1.5 Credit Hours

What Non-Pharmacological Therapies Improve Outcomes in COPD? View this course to find out.

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